About Sheryll Storry

I like things others sometimes hate.

When I was a kid, I actually liked practicing piano.  All the way through school, I actually did all my homework.  When I supervised a government help desk for many years, although others thought they’d rather chew glass, I happily pored over several reports each month to find out what the “story” was behind the numbers.  And to this day, I still balance my checkbook to the penny every month.  My adult kids don’t see why, but you can’t change a numbers gal!

Relationships matter to me.

Running a business in the trades, you understand the value of relationships and a stellar reputation, and so do I.  Integrity, courtesy, doing your best work, and being your best self are qualities honed over a lifetime and are too valuable to be reckless with.  

What do I do for fun?

These days,  most of my play time involves my delightful grandsons.  I also try to take full advantage of living in the beautiful “City of Lakes,” Minneapolis, MN.

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