Drum roll please – clean out your truck! You can probably guess what that has to do with bookkeeping, but I’ll spell it out anyway so I can retain my crown as Queen of the Obvious.

If your truck is your office, the urgency is greater. But even if you have an actual desk someplace, I bet you a cup of coffee there are receipts for gas and probably for supplies you had to run out to buy stuffed in a cup holder. You might even have a copy of an invoice you hand-wrote for a client after a job that hasn’t made the trip to your accounting software, or to a file folder, or wherever it belongs.

Part One:

Here’s your bare minimum action plan.
1. Round up all that paper.
2. Haul it into the house. Or into your office, if you use one.
3. Separate it into broad categories: receipts, invoices owed to you, bills you owe, etc.
4. Put the items in each category in date order. (Optional, can be helpful.)
5. Give this paper a home – separate envelopes, file folders, the empty compartments of a pack of beer, whatever works.

That’s it for now. Because if you leave those scraps of paper in your truck, you’re probably going to spill coffee on them.

Part Deux:

If you’re game for something fancier, there are bright shiny apps for everything, and Hubdoc is my preferred app for document fetching and receipt management. Check it out at https://www.hubdoc.com/.  You can try it free for 14 days, and if you like it, you can subscribe to it on your own for $20/month.

Or if you’d like to talk with me about the possibility of doing your bookkeeping, client Hubdoc subscriptions are included in my fees.  Hubdoc integrates with QuickBooks Online, and is what I use in my practice.

But really. Clean out your truck.

If this does not apply to you because you’re more organized than that, YAY!  Post a photo of the inside of your vehicle in the comments and show us how it’s done right. I hereby give you permission to brag!

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